Advantages And Disadvantages Of cPanel

cPanel is known as the web hosting control panel which helps the web server’s management and it is being developed by the American corporation named cPanel, LLC. This software offers an advanced interface which is known as GUI and also automation tools which are created to easy the process. This cPanel is being in the part of the software suite known as cPanel &WHM. This suite helps in providing the capabilities for the web management companies, resellers and other website owners who helps in controlling the server administration and the websites. This uses a three tier structure for getting a standard web browsing. Though the cPanel is being limited to manage a single hosting account, it allows the administration of the whole server. 

In addition to the GUI, the cPanel also consists of API based access which allows the third party vendors for hosting the web organisations and to develop an automated standard system.

History of cPanel

The cPanel has been developed by a privately owned corporation whose headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, United states. This software was developed in the year 1996and is used as a control panel for the speed hosting, a web hosting company. Later year by year, the specifications of the cPanel have been improved and cPanel 3 version was released in 1999. 

Add-ons of cPanel

The cPanel provides some easy to do operations which includes the managing of PGP keys, crontab works, mail and the FTP accounts. There are more add-ons available where some of them are additional free and can be installed easily where some of them cost a little high. If you’ll buy cPanel webmails, you can send emails for marketing purposes. There are more free versions of the add-ons available which are auto installers but they are limited based on the script they provide. WHM also manages some of the software packages separately which allows upgrades to the Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP and some other related packages. 

Advantages of using cPanel

The cPanel is considered as the most useful software, because it is very user-friendly, responsive and well structured. It gives many features to the users which promise web hosting for all the IT professionals and also for the amateur users. Some of the advantages of cPanel are listed below:

  • Installation
  • Interface
  • Size
  • Features
  • Flexible
  • Reliability and support
  • Compatibility

Installation – The foremost advantage that is associated with cPanel is it is very easy to install. The installation process is very simple and it is easy to follow.

Interface – The user interface is very easy and that is the reason it is being considered as the user friendly software. It also supports easy commands for the complex functions and the user can easily perform all the complex tasks.

Size – As this is completely linux based operating system, it takes only limited space of 20GB and requires 512 MB of RAM to run the software on the system. 

Features – It has very high end features that allow the users to access, host and manage the online websites. It is protected by anti-virus which prevents attacks from the viruses and malware.

Flexible – The favourite feature of cPanel is flexibility because no other web host will allow you to transfer a website along with its content.

Compatibility – cPanel is compatible with all the other web browsers. It works well with all the other browsing platforms like Google chrome, Safari, Opera and the internet explorers. 

Reliability and support – It gives a reliable support and it automatically detects the errors and then it restarts the system to give a refresh service.

Disadvantages of cPanel

  • Authorised access to files
  • Easy target
  • Price

Authorised access to the file – The main disadvantage of using the cPanel is it does not allow all the users to access the files. You may ask for a permission to access the files every-time.

Easy target – Though it is the most powerful control panel, it lacks some security measures. It completely relies on the software that is managing it. So encryption is one of the major problems of using cPanel.

Price – As cPanel costs high when compared to other softwares, it cannot be purchased by all the people.